We are Karin and Itai. In 2017, we founded KaRiniTi in our monochromatic studio in Tel Aviv, Israel, in hopes to articulate a practical way of organizing our thoughts, goals, and dreams.

We believe that when it comes to your workspace, you should keep it simple.

Thus we chose clean and minimalistic graphic design as our principal language of communication. Our stationery products convey our meticulous care for details and enthusiasm for workflow charts, but they also keep print restrictions minimal, allowing users to make the most of their time and space.

At the core of our planners is a blank chart, which can be used in multiple ways: create plans from right to left or left to right - and to organize projects by the week or by the day.

KaRiniTi - Karin and Itai Kaufman

We purposely selected a creamy off-white paper with a soft finish (FSC certificate) to allow for both writing and sketching—especially if you are using a black pen :)

Our bold typography is designed to complement the diverse handwriting styles of our users. In this sense, each one of our notebooks, charts, and planners ultimately looks a little different. We love seeing our clients’ unique personalities reflected in our products.

Kariniti’s products can be found at local design shops, bookstores, and fashion boutiques. We also collaborate with business corporations—large and small—seeking high-quality branded paper products.

In the current world of multitasks and multi-pressures, our products offer clarity and practicality. We believe our model of organized charts will help not only in completing your to-do lists effectively but also in carving out your personal, stress-free time.

Focus on what matters; check it off when you're done!